Hello! After a bit of a hiatus and a long spell in the woodshed (studio), I’ve decided to come out of the cocoon and let ya’ll know what I’ve been working on.

Firstly, I’ve got a new record coming out soon, titled Swerve. Details to come on a release date but for now I’m busy putting the final touches on it. It’s been another epically long and winding road to get this record together, being part of a larger group of songs I’ve written over the last few years that I thought was going to be one record, but had to break up into 2 to 3 records to be released in the next year. Excited to be releasing something new on Color Red, which has only republished my older catalogue to date. Stay tuned.

Also, I’ve decided to restart my weekly Instagram series, Tres, where I showcase 3 songs, old, new, covers, whatever. I’m now going to be streaming to my YouTube channel as well. Will be (mostly) airing on Mondays @ 7PM Pacific. You can tune at these links:

Lastly, shows on the horizon! If you’re in the LA area, you can check me out here:

Big News – Color Red Music

Hey People,

So…aside from my appearance on the Night Owls single, Me And Baby Brother, and Ed Mabrey’s Black Pearl Sessions, I’ve been laying pretty musically low in 2021, if anyone has noticed. After putting out two projects last year, a pretty great thing happened in the middle of the strangest of times…

In January of this year I was asked to join the roster of record label, Color Red Music. (Thanks for the connect Josh Hoyer!)

After meeting the team and deciding it was a good fit, I agreed and have already done most of the behind the scenes logistics of getting my music into their system. In fact, all of my music that is currently available for streaming on various platforms has been republished through the company already. I have really wanted to share this publicly, but felt it wouldn’t be appropriate until everything was super-official-official. So yeah, I’ve been sitting on this for almost a whole year and it’s taken all I could muster not to just blurt it out on a random Wednesday in August.

The official kick off of the partnership begins with a re-release of my latest EP,
SO u r. December 17 will see the release of the first single and formal
introduction by the label with the song, NOBODYe.

You can add the song on all major streaming platform here:

You can find me on the Color Red website here:

Stayed tuned for more music in 2022!

New EP – SO u r


A collaboration between singer-songwriter Kevin Sandbloom and producer/engineer Michael Morgan, this is a sonically fresh melding of blues, rock, soul, jazz, bossa and electronica straight from the foothills of Altadena, CA. Lyrically forlorn and lovesick, the songs have a dark swagger that undercuts complex emotional terrain.

The EP revisits an earlier work produced by the duo that garnered a demo deal with Virgin Records but has yet to see the light of day. On this record, Sandbloom mans the drums for the first time with an emphasis on getting the right feel underneath his guitar and vocal work. Morgan deftly creates a unique soundscape that evokes an off-world eeriness and lends a dystopian cinematic backdrop to the proceedings. Described as lush, rich and funky, we hope you enjoy this latest offering by the folks at Red Llama Music.


“Nice. I love it.
It’s beautifully complex…… With it still being emotionally available.”
-Chris Kirby

“!!Love the layered sounds, the music works great with Kevin’s vocals the songs have depth and inner light, with an innovative and thoughtful presence.
Clap clap clap!”
-Riquelle Small

“A work of art/madness/genius! I love it!”
-Iyapo Moyende Ngina

“This sounds fucking great. Funky and thoughtful and a little challenging”
-Pat Griffin 


released November 25, 2020

all music & lyrics by Kevin Sandbloom © Red Llama Music 2020
all instruments: Sandbloom
mix/sound engineering (& piano on aLONELY): Michael Morgan