Big News – Color Red Music

Hey People,

So…aside from my appearance on the Night Owls single, Me And Baby Brother, and Ed Mabrey’s Black Pearl Sessions, I’ve been laying pretty musically low in 2021, if anyone has noticed. After putting out two projects last year, a pretty great thing happened in the middle of the strangest of times…

In January of this year I was asked to join the roster of record label, Color Red Music. (Thanks for the connect Josh Hoyer!)

After meeting the team and deciding it was a good fit, I agreed and have already done most of the behind the scenes logistics of getting my music into their system. In fact, all of my music that is currently available for streaming on various platforms has been republished through the company already. I have really wanted to share this publicly, but felt it wouldn’t be appropriate until everything was super-official-official. So yeah, I’ve been sitting on this for almost a whole year and it’s taken all I could muster not to just blurt it out on a random Wednesday in August.

The official kick off of the partnership begins with a re-release of my latest EP,
SO u r. December 17 will see the release of the first single and formal
introduction by the label with the song, NOBODYe.

You can add the song on all major streaming platform here:

You can find me on the Color Red website here:

Stayed tuned for more music in 2022!

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